Facial Exercises for Stroke Patients

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When doing facial exercises for stroke patients, it's important to find out which muscle groups are affected. Restore and strengthen muscle groups with the helpful tips offered by a speech and language pathologist in this free video on facial exercises for stroke patients.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Odelia Mirzadeh, and I'm the co-founder of Innovative Speech and Language Pathology. Today, I will be discussing how to do facial exercises for stroke patients. Stroke refers to the interruption of blood supply to the brain. The stroke symptoms have to do with what the region of the brain having damaged and therefore, the associated nerves controlling each muscle group. It is important to find out which muscle groups are affected. Because it would directly affect the patient with a speech projection and their swallowing. If they have a weak jaw, then they will not be able to chew their food correctly, which will cause them to perhaps aspirate and have pneumonia thereafter. If they're drooling, if their lips are not as strong and they have lost their strength, then they will be drooling a lot. And again, they can have drooling of food aside from their saliva. And if their tongue is affected again it affects their swallowing, because it affects with the, it helps with the chewing and propelling the food, the bolus back into their throat. It helps with swallowing directly. Therefore, it is very crucial to know what muscle structures have been affected, not only for their swallowing but rather for their speech production. If their jaw is not working as accurately, then their speech can be muffled or they can have a very un..difficult to to understand speech. If their lips aren't working as effectively, if they can't round their lips, or if they effective labial closure, their sounds, their speech sounds will be affected, as in the words such as one, or wonder, or mm, mother or ba, back, and so forth. If their tongue is affected, the sounds that affect the tongue such as the front producing sounds such as the ta sound or the da, or the na sound will be affected, or even the ss or the sh sounds, or the further back sounds, such as the ka and the ga, or the ng as in ring will be affected. It is important to do facial exercise with these clients, to help them restore or help with the strengthening of the muscle groups, to help them with their swallowing as well as their speech production. Some tools that may be used may be facial messages, or the use of horns.They use a straw, drinking, they use a bubble blowing and the use of bite blocks to help with drug rating, as well as other methods to help with placement and the direct touch of each muscle group and the sounds. It is very important for the patient with stroke, to see a special language pathologist, after being seen by a physician to help and assist them with their swallowing as well as their speech projection. And that's why the methods and exercises for all motor structures and facial technique exercises come in handy.


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