The Inputs for Home Theater System Setup

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When it comes to setting up a home theater system it's very important to know what inputs are and how to use them. Get more out of home entertainment with tips from an audio and video professional in this free video on the inputs for home theater set up.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sean Donahue from Home Video Library Electronics, and I'm here today to show you the inputs involved in home theater system setup. On the left side of the receiver here are digital inputs. The two types are digital coaxial, which are always orange. And typically, you'll plug into here, form your satellite receiver or cable box or a Blu-ray DVD player or even a regular DVD player. This is probably the most common digital input that gives you Dolby Digital surround sound. These little doors down here, these plastic doors that press in, are fiber optic inputs. These are also on satellite receivers, cable box receivers, Blu-ray players and DVD players. These same jacks are also in some cases, located on game consoles. Over here on a receiver, we see the typical red and white cables, we've seen forever, these are audio cables or analog. That's where you plug things like CD players into VCRs and above them are the yellow video cables that are also analog cables. So, these are the older type video cables. This top row of pug-ins are called HDMI. This is the newest plug-in and typically, on receiver, you'll notice that the video is separated from the audio. This is the newest and fastest plug-in and it's so popular because it carries video and audio. This is typically only seen on High Definition products or Blu-ray products like satellite cable or even a DVD player. Let's see, over here we have component video, which you'll see on some older satellite or cable boxes and DVD players. This was the first way, that they hooked up HD video and it's also called Color Stream, it's also synonymous with Color Stream. Over here on your receiver, you see the jacks that you can hookup your antennas. The one that has the little sleeves on it or rings, is for FM reception and the one with the two above it, is for AM reception. Also, very important down here, you'll typically find, where it says subwoofer. And it's the one cable that hooks up from here to your powered subwoofer. Over here, on the right side of the receiver, are called binding posts. They're in red and black, and this side, you hookup your speakers and they're labeled with the speakers position in your room. Whether it's left, right, center, right rear or left rear. You could either unscrew these and put the raw wire in the side and screw them back down. Or, you can get an accessory called a banana plug and put it on the end of your speaker wire and plug straight into them. I'm Sean Donahue and those are the inputs for a home theater system setups.


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