Left & Right Leg Splits for Gymnastics Warm-Ups

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Warm-ups for left- and right-leg splits involves deep forward and backward lunges before sliding down into the full split. Equally stretch both legs for the splits with advice from a gymnastics coach in this free video on gymnastics.

Part of the Video Series: Intro to Gymnastics
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea, and this is Paige, and she's going to help me demonstrate right and left leg splits stretching for gymnastics. The materials you will need are a floor, and a wide open space. You just begin sitting on your knees like this. Put the leg that you'd like to stretch out front. So, in this case, we'll do our right leg. bend your knee, and stretch. First try to press your hips all the way into the ground. Make sure your knee is over your heel. You don't want to have your heel behind your knee like this, or too far in front of your knee, either, like this. Come on, there ya go! Like this, you want it to be directly underneath. And then, you try to press your hips forward into the ground. Then, lean back, straighten your front leg, and try to stretch and touch your nose to your knee, and then you can slide down into the splits. Try to keep your hips square, and not open up the back leg. You can tell by having your kneecap on the ground, rather than facing out toward the wall. You can do the same for the other side. Left leg, you just push your hips forward, make sure your heel is directly underneath your knee, and then back, put your nose to your knee, and slide down into the splits. Make sure that the back leg is under. Paige demonstrates this very well, you can see that her kneecap is not facing out toward the wall, and that it's facing down toward the ground. This is Paige, and I'm Andrea, and we've just demonstrated right and left leg splits for gymnastics.


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