How to Treat a Dog's Bleeding Nails

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When treating your dog's bleeding nails, apply pressure and use septic powder. Keep her nerves calm with the help of an expert groomer in this free video on how to treat your dog's bleeding nails.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Renee Bloom. I'm here to talk about what to do if you have a nail that is bleeding on a dog. Sometimes when you do cut the quick too close, you'll need to stop the bleeding right away. A quick and efficient way to do this is with septic powder or quick stop. Just wet your finger, dip it in and apply it to the nail. If the nail's bleeding, apply pressure with the quick stop for a few seconds, it should stop immediately. If you don't have this at home and you've, you've clipped your dog's nails at home and they start bleeding, a bar of soap also works. Just rub it on that until it stop. If you cut the quick too far down it will bleed, it depends on how far you cut the quick. If you cut the quick really far that you misjudge it, you know, it's going to go shed blood. So, you need to quick wipe that off as fast as you can and get septic powder on it. Another way is dog can rip their toenails, especially they're dog claws, they have a toenail on the side. It can get caught in something, get split the nail, that will be a bleeding nail. Soap would not work in that case. You would want to apply pressure to it with a cold rag for approximately a minute. Just a cold rag; I wouldn't wrap it, just apply pressure to it for a minute. If it's a deep cut, you do not want to use septic powder. It's, it has a stinging agent. This is for minor cuts.


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