How to Remove Cellulite Naturally

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When it comes to trying to remove cellulite naturally, it's important to start by reducing daily calorie intake. Get more fit with tips from a personal fitness trainer in this free video on losing cellulite naturally.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. How to remove cellulite naturally. The things you will need for this are: dumbbells, mat and some space. So cellulite is fat. So the first thing you really need to think about is nutrition. Read your labels. You've got to reduce your calories. Got to reduce that fat. Kind of watch out for those carbs, cause the carbs kind of sneak up on you. But when I think of fat, I think of cellulite. I think of butt and hips and that's what I am going to show you. A few exercises for that. So I am going to start I guess standing. And I am going to do a squat and I'm going to lift the leg. Squat and lift. So I am sitting way back on my heels so my knees are not going over the toes. That's going to start to burn the thighs and the hips. And I got a little hand weight in my hand, just a little one. So that's really starting to warm up the legs and kind of warms up all the cellulite. I'm going to get on my hands on my knees now. A little bit of butt work. This is the best most requested butt work ever. Simple. Going to take a weight, if you don't have a weight don't even worry about it. Hands and knees or elbows and knees. I'm going to flex my foot and lift. All I'm doing lifting that foot straight up to the ceiling. So, everything is relaxed. You can do it on your hands if you want. That's targeting right where that cellulite likes to go. So, the first exercise was a little bit of cardio. This was just a tighten and toning. I want to really work on cardio because that's going to help me burn the cellulite off. I'm coming up. Now we are going to do front kicks. Kick, got to get the heart rate up. From the side. I'm not kicking very high but you want to do this for like a minute. Push, push, 4,3,2,1. Then you can start that whole squat lift the leg. Go back on the floor, do the butt work. Round and round a little bit of circuit training. Your heart rate is going to go up and you are going to start to burn off that cellulite naturally.


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