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Playing 9 Ball in billiards starts by racking the balls randomly, except for the 1 ball has to be in the front, and the 9 ball in the middle. Play this fun game and more with tips from a professional pool player in this free video about billiard 9 Ball.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Max Eberle, and I'm talking to you from Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California. And today, I'm going to show you how to play 9 Ball. So, basically what you do is you start out by racking the balls randomly, except for the 1 has to be in the front, and the 9 ball in the middle. And you want to get the 1 ball tight to the front two balls, as tight as possible. Then what you do is you pick out your spot for the break. And basically, you want to take; from the side is good, get as close to the side rail, about a ball and a half from the side rail, and you hit straight onto the 1 ball. Aim the center of the cue ball directly at the center of the 1 ball, and hit right around the middle of the cue ball and basically you try to make any ball in the rack, and ideally have the cue ball land in the middle of the table. So, that gives you a good chance at having a good shot on the lowest numbered ball. So, from there, you shoot the balls in order and you have to make, a legal hit, is where you hit the lowest numbered ball. So, usually you're going to run the table from the lowest ball all the way up to the 9 ball. And when you make the 9 ball, you win the game. Or once in a while, you can make the combination. You could hit the lowest ball into another ball and make that ball, and then continue back with the lowest ball again. Or you could do a carom, where you hit the cue ball off the lowest numbered and then the cue ball hits another ball into the pocket. And you could also win the game early by making the 9 ball early. Let's say you hit the 1 ball into the 9 or whatever the lowest ball is and that's another way to win the game, by making the 9. Now, you could also play it safe. If you don't have a shot you could hit the lowest numbered ball and then try to hide the cue ball behind another ball, so that your opponent doesn't have a shot. And if they don't hit that lowest numbered ball, then it's going to be a foul and you'll have the ball in hand anywhere on the table. So, that's the basic way to play, and just give it a shot. It's a lot of fun. So, I'm Max, and that's how to play 9 Ball.


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