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To choose the correct bronzer, you should consider the color of your skin so the bronzer doesn't look too dark. Learn to choose the best bronzer for your skin with help from a professional freelance makeup artist in this free video on makeup techniques.

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Hi. I am Courtney Casbar, professional freelance makeup artist, and I am going to give you some tips on how to choose the correct bronzer. The first thing that you must do is pay attention to the color of your skin. If you are a light skinned person, you do not want to use too dark of a bronzer. The idea is to blend it in. But if you are darker skinned you want to go for a darker color. What I use is the lightest color bronzer that you can get because I have pale skin. It looks dark but it really is not that dark. Now, if you have as darker skin color or you have been sun tanning, I recommend using a little bit darker color of a bronzer. An alternative to bronzer that does pretty much the same thing is a peach or an orange colored blush. Now, with the blush and with the bronzers, you would apply them either on the cheek bone or under the cheek bone depending on if you want to accentuate or detract attention from your cheekbones. Now if you have chosen your bronzer correctly it should not look too dark when you apply it just on your cheek line. You can also apply it under your cheek bone. Depends on the effect that you want. You should notice that it should be just enough to add a little color to your face. Then whole idea of using a bronzer is that after you have applied foundation to your face to cover up any imperfections, you may have taken out some of the color to your face. So, the idea is to work some blood back into the skin. You can also put a little on your nose, chin, and forehead. Now remember, when choosing the right bronzer be sure to pay attention to your skin tone and be sure to not choose too dark of a bronzer for your skin. Remember to blend in appropriately. I am Courtney Casbar and thank you for watching how to choose the correct bronzer.


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