Lower Back Lumbo-Pelvic Exercise

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A lumbo-pelvic exercise is one that works the lumbar spine, lower back and the pelvic region at once. Find out how to do a lumbo-pelvic exercise with help from a certified sports performance nutrition advisor in this free video on lumbo-pelvic exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ashleigh Gass, strength and conditioning specialist with BrilliantAthlete.com. So, a lumbo-pelvic exercise is an exercise that ties in the lumbar spine and the lower back with the pelvic region, thus, lumbo-pelvic exercise and there are a couple that I will demonstrate for you just to give you a sense for what a lumbo-pelvic exercise actually is. So, the first one, this is a, would be considered a mobilization exercise or getting an area moving. So, flat on the ground, knees can be bent. This will probably be comfortable for most of you and just rock your pelvis back and forth. So the first step would be to move your hip bones towards your feet so that your back arches off the floor just a little bit, not so that it's extreme, just so that you can feel it and then go back and tuck your bum under, flatten your back against the floor and then go back to the first position which is rocking. You should feel your back come up off the floor and arch a little bit and then tuck your bum back under so your back flattens. Do that one nice and slowly and you'll just, you should feel your back start to loosen up a little bit, a real basic but effective exercise you can do in the morning and you can actually do this at night before you go to bed. So you could call these pelvic rocks if you will. Twenty reps or so should be about it. So, that's a lumbo-pelvic exercise. I'm Ashleigh Gass with BrilliantAthlete.com.


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