How to Treat a Foot Sprain


A foot sprain is an injury to the ligaments in the foot that help hold the arch together. If you have tenderness under your arch or over your instep or it hurts when you walk, you may have torn foot ligaments. This will take three to six weeks to heal.

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    • 1

      Rest the foot as much as possible. Sit whenever you can.

    • 2

      Elevate your foot to the level of your chest. Place a pillow under your heel to prevent pressure sores.

    • 3

      Apply ice to the top of your foot and under and around your ankle - 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off - for the first 48 hours. Ice constricts blood vessels and helps to reduce swelling and pain.

    • 4

      Take aspirin or acetaminophen for pain.

    • 5

      Apply warm compresses to the foot after 48 hours. Heat dilates blood vessels and provides increased circulation to the injured body part.

    • 6

      Walk with the support of an arm, cane or crutches for the first week.

    • 7

      Wrap an elastic bandage around the foot when walking to provide additional support to your arch.

    • 8

      Look at your foot. It should be pink and rosy. Make sure it does not look gray or bluish, a sign of poor circulation. Even though your foot is sprained, you must have an adequate blood supply going to your foot.

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