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Snowblowers made of metal tend to rust more frequently. Prevent a snowblower from rusting with expert tips in this free video on snowblower maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is John, and in this clip we'll be talking about rust prevention. Now, there's a lot of different areas that can rust on a snow-blower. Here we have our auger unit, and it is an older snow-blower, so it is made of metal, and metal, and wet snow, equals rust. So, we want to make sure to protect it, and keep it from rusting. What I'd like to do is take just a little bit of oil, and put that oil on a rag, and I'm just going to run my rag, or paper towel over those auger blades, and that's just going to coat it real lightly in oil, and that's going to help protect it against the wet snow, and causing it to rust. Now, additionally we do have a chain drive unit here, and the chain is metal, and the metal again is going to rust. We did put some white lithium grease on the chain to help keep it lubricated, and that white lithium grease will not wash off, or melt, or freeze, so that's a good rust preventative. We could also use some WD-40, and coat some of the components. It's not as waterproof as the white lithium grease, but it will still do a good job. Now, if you do have areas on your snow-blower that are becoming rusty on the unit itself, it might be worthwhile to take some sandpaper and go ahead and sand it down, and prime it, and repaint it. It's going to extend the life of your snow-blower, and it will make it look a little better also.


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