How to Catch a Cheating Wife

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In marriage, it's never a good idea to confront a wife about cheating if there is nothing more than a suspicion. Learn about what to do with information about a cheating wife with help from a licensed psychotherapist in this free video on marriage infidelity.

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Hi, my name is Stan Hyman. I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist with Let's talk a little bit about how to catch a cheating wife. First off, I would say, you want to ask yourself whether or not you really do want to know whether your wife is cheating. Once you have some proof that your wife is cheating, then you can follow through with a few very important points. One of the points you want to consider is making a plan. For example, once you know that your wife is cheating, what do you intend to do with that information? Decide how you want to confront your wife, if in fact you do want to confront your wife, and what your expectations are after you do that. This is a very important piece of your endeavors right now. Keep your suspicions to yourself. Perhaps, you think she is cheating or you just sense she is cheating; but she's not. It's never a good idea to confront if you suspect cheating. First off, you want to be clear because you don't want to hurt her feelings. What if she's not cheating? For example. So, very be; be very, very careful about letting her think that you're suspicious about her. Check things around the house. You might want to check the mail; check her computer. If you don't know the password to her e-mail account, you might want to install a password snooper; an e-mail snooper. Now these are very, kind of underhanded type of things. But, if you really are fearful that your wife is cheating and you really need to know; then, you want to check the history perhaps of her computer. You may want to follow her and that is to say, follow her personally rather than hire a private detective. Clearly, you need to know what you're going to do with that information. That's how to catch a cheating wife.


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