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Ball position has changed greatly over the years in golf, and this is due to changes in golf clubs. Learn about 3-ball position and more with help from a director of instruction at a golf school in this free video on ball position.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction for Teacher of Champions Golf School here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today, we are going to talk about ball position. Well for those of you who have read the books from a long time ago for example, Hogan, his great book Five Fundamentals of Golf. You would have a lot different ball position then the modern player today. Used to be with a short iron such as a wedge or a nine iron, we would place the ball well back in our stance. Back toward the right foot with a lot of players. The reason for that was a long time ago with clubs the shaft were way, way less tight then they are today. Used to be the shafts had a lot of torque in them so we played the short irons way back in our stance. And the driver way, way up front in our stance. Today we don't do that we are only talking about, about 3 balls between a wedge and a driver. So, about 3 ball position. And that's because of the modern equipment so. If we are going to play a wedge we are talking about full swings. If we are going to play a wedge or a nine iron we want the ball almost exactly right in the middle of our stance. Right in that zone. You could be a tiny bit back. Now if I moved that into a six iron, a little longer club, all we are going to move that is about a ball to the forward side toward the left foot. So that the ball placement is just a little bit more forward. And if we go into a driver situation, there we are going to move it one more ball so that the ball is only an inch or two inside our left heel. So you are only working about 3 ball width here. Wedge, nine iron short irons , mid-irons, fairway woods, driver. Nothing back as center anymore in full swings until we get to chipping and pitching. There you'll see we want the ball to move back. Our feet move closer together, we move the ball back toward the back foot a little bit in chipping and pitching the ball. So, to make a long story short, back for chipping and pitching, full swings in the middle, as the club gets longer a little more to the left. And as you get into your woods, clear up on the left foot. Work with 3 balls. This is Conan Elliott, and that's where your ball position should be.


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