How to Use Thinning Shears on Hair

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Thinning shears, also known as blending shears, are toothed scissors that only remove some hair while leaving the rest uncut. Use thinning sheers to blend a bob or layered hairdo with a demonstration from a hairstyling instructor in this free video on haircuts.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robert Evans, owner of Evans Hairstyling College in St. George, Utah. Today, I am going to demonstrate how to use a thinning shear. There is 3 or 4 different types of thinning shears. You have thinning shears with the big teeth that take out a lot more hair. A little finer thin takes out less hair; and even a finer one that takes out even less hair. I am going to take our comb and demonstrate this on dry hair, so you see how we are thinning this out and how it's going to lay on her hair. When you do this, you want to take the hair, pull it out at a 45 degree angle this way. Come in with your thinning shear, in on an angle, and cut. If we take the hair out on a 45 degree angle, we take the thinning shear in this wa,y on an angle, cut and comb it out. The reason we take it in on an angle is so when this hair grows out, it doesn't grow out the same. It grows out on an angle, so it kind of keeps the hairs cut interrupted. If we work around the head form, I move around this way, bring the hair out on a 45, reach in with your blending shear and cut. So, you can see on this side, same thing. Out on a 45, pull it out, take your shears on an angle like this, watch out for her ear. And take that piece out there, in at a 45, and thin. Depends on how much...she has a lot of thick hair, we can take quite a bit of hair out of her and this will help this hair stay fuller. Looks like she's got a lot more volume just by taking these little pieces out. This can be done on male or female, just to help remove bulk in the hair. That's easy steps around the head form to thinning hair. I'm Robert Evans of Evans Hairstyling College in St. George, Utah, and that's how you thin hair.


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