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Adjusting hair clippers depends on the style of the tool, as some adjust magnetically while others have coordinating plastic guards that snap into place. Adjust the blade on hair clippers with a demonstration from a hairstyling instructor in this free video on haircuts.

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Video Transcript

My name is Robert Evans. I'm the owner and instructor of Evans Hairstyling College in Saint George, Utah. Today, we're going to talk a little bit about clipper care. There's three or four different types of clippers, and I've got some here to show you today. First of all, there is the magnetic clipper right here. It has an adjustable blade, back and forth, so you can do the depth of how you're going to cut the hair or clip the hair. The farther away the blade is from the edge of this, the longer the hair is. The closer you adjust it, the shorter it goes. These are magnetic clippers; they shake and vibrate; that's what cuts the hair. The second one I have here is a little edger, it's a peanut clipper, there's no adjustment there, it just cuts and edges around the ears, the neckline, square off sideburns, just to clean up, finish up work we use with haircutting, is this little edger clipper. The last one is for big time clipper work. This is a motor driven clipper. It has, also, it doesn't have an adjustment on it, but when you want to use it or adjust it, all you do is simply pop the blade off, and put a new one on, that's bigger, thicker, thinner, whatever you're going with your haircut. That's how these clippers work. These are great clippers because they're motor driven, and they hold up over any kind of heavy use that you might want to have. Also, with this wall clipper, we have attachments for different lengths of hair. Pop it on, you can see how this goes through the hair, how that adjusts the length of the hair. Let me take this off and I'll show you the difference in these two here. This one is a two and this one here is a six. They're different lengths, and they adjust through the hair this way and this way. This is definitely going to cut a lot more hair off. So, in order to use these clippers, you put these guards on. It gives you various lengths of hair as you cut the hair off, whichever clipper you're using. So, you have different choices. You have the magnetic clipper, you have the motor driven clipper, and the care of these are just to simply turn them on, drop a little oil down inside, sewing machine oil. Most clippers, good clippers come with their own oil, just a lightweight oil, spray it in there, let it run a little bit and these clippers will last forever. I'm Robert Evans of Evans Hairstyling College in Saint George, Utah. And that's how you take care of your clippers.


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