How to Keep Cat Ears Clean

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Cat ears are usually cleaned by the cats themselves, but ear cleaner applied to gauze can be helpful for harder to reach spots. Find out how to avoid coming into contact with a cat's eardrum with help from a veterinarian in this free video on cat grooming.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Doctor Jace King, and this is Austin, and we're here at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic. Today, we're going to talk a little bit about how to keep you cat's ears clean. In general, cats keep their ears clean fairly well. They're really good at self-maintenance and self-grooming. They do a really good job at keeping themselves clean. But, there are times of course, there's times where cats are outside and cats get moisture in their ear where they can get infections, they can get mites and a few other ailments. So, a few things you can look for, and to start with is, on a cat, what you want to look for; take the ear, open it up and down, deep down into the ear, fold back the ear and look for wax and other debris and material that may be in the crevices and in the folds of these ears. If you do see something, then you know that these cats, the cat's ear may need to be cleaned a little bit. Being careful, you probably aren't going to hit the eardrum, but cleaning these little areas out to the ear, to kind of clean and keep some of this junk out of there, that's one way you can do it. Another way you can do it is to take some ear cleaner and apply it to a gauze. Use the gauze by taking the ear and folding it back again, and cleaning out this ear that you rub, rub and clean some of this junk out of this ear. Making sure that you do use a cat-safe cleaner, just any cleaner is not going to work for a cat, but a cat-safe, approved cleaner, and just gently massage and gently clean with the gauze or some other thing. Those are probably the best ways, best methods. There are ways you can actually, a third way you can do is you can take some cleaner, dump it down in the ear, fill up the ear, massage the ear, and as the cleaner works its way down in there, it also works the debris and the dirty stuff out of the ear. And the cat will shake his head as you do this, to king of get rid of the stuff out of the ear canal. And then after that, you can kind of take your gauze and clean it back out as well. That's how we'd recommend cleaning your cat's ears while you're at home.


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