How to Clean Cat Hair

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Grooming a cat is the best way to ensure that they don't shed so much, but a damp cloth or a latex glove can help to remove hair. Find out how to use sticky tape to remove cat hair with help from a veterinarian in this free video on cat hair.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Jace King, and this is Austin, and we're here at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic. Today, we're going to be talking a little bit about how to remove cat hair once it's all, all over you and all over your, your furniture or whatever you, wherever a cat goes generally leaves a little bit of cat hair. So, here's a few different methods that we can, we'll, we'll go over on how to remove cat hair. Obviously, the first, the first thing would be trying to keep your cat groomed so that your cat doesn't shed so much hair. So, grooming is, is the first step. We will talk about that in another video; but, the, so a couple of ways that we can get cat hair off us; when you have cat hair that's been from holding your cat or whatever, there's a few things that you can try. One way you can try would be just a damp cloth. What that does is it bunches up the hair into a, into a clump and then you can take the hair and you, in the same way, if you're doing it on your furniture, you can just remove the hair because it clumps it up. A second way that you can do it, "Put, just put a glove on," is to put a latex glove on and actually just rub the hair with your latex glove, and it does the same motion, is it clumps the hair up. So, that's a second way you can do with some latex gloves as to remove hair. A third way is to actually get a balloon, or you can blow up a latex glove and use the static electricity to actually remove the hair off of something. Just by the static electricity, it binds up that hair and it kind of makes it stick out more, rub up against the balloon. Probably, and then the last way that, that's as simple, but you're just using a sticky tape, and just to rub that sticky tape along your furniture or up along yourself to remove the hair. And then when you're finished, you just can remove that piece of tape with your hair on it and discard of the tape and then you're, you're ready to go again. Those are a few ways that we use. Another way is to take this Velcro and just, as you get it, take the bristly side of the Velcro and take it and actually remove the hair and it will just clam the hair together as you get to remove it off yourself, or of your, your furniture. And then just take the hair and bunch it up. This can also be used to use on your cat to remove a little bit of the hair. which is a really soft, soft way and they, and they really don't mind and it's a way to remove cat hair off of the cat itself and actually not hurt the cat. So, those are just a few techniques that you can use to clean it up.


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