Symptoms of a Male Cat Spraying

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Signs that a male cat is spraying include the smell of cat urine throughout a home, as well as a dry litter box. Learn about cats marking their territory with help from a veterinarian in this free video on male cat spraying.

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Video Transcript

I'm Dr. Jace King, and this is Austin, and we're here with the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic. Today, we're going to talk about symptoms or signs of a cat that is spraying. Generally, when you're going to get spraying is in a male cat, a lot of times what you'll see, the first initial signs of a cat's spraying, first of all that you, you'll recognize is, is the smell of, of course in your, in your home as you can smell the cat urine, with, throughout your home. A lot of times, when you check the litter box, the litter box is, is dry. It don't have any, any urine; so, you're wondering where's this cat's urine smell coming from. Well, the litter box is generally dry because this cat's marking or, or spraying around the house. A lot of times what you'll see is the cat will come to the litter box, but he doesn't spend his time there to, to urinate. But, what he's trying to do is his, actually cats are very territorial and so they find different areas within the house that they're trying to, to mark their, their area or to, to show their territory that they're going to, to be in and so, so being able to, to look for symptoms of cat spraying would probably be a, a drier, or fairly little wet litter in the box and you hardly ever have to clean it out, as well as the smell that's starting to come around your house. So, those are a few signs that we would look for, if, if you're looking for a cat that's possibly spraying in your house, is checking the litter box first, as well as checking throughout areas of your home that are possibly starting to smell a little bit.


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