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Basic wrestling moves include a collar and elbow tie up, a go behind waist lock and a full nelson. Find out how to perform wrestling moves with help from a professional wrestler in this free video on wrestling moves.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sally Boy. I'm a professional wrestler from CoastalChampionshipWrestling.com. In this clip, we're going to show you three basic tips on wrestling holds. In this one here, both of them are going to get a collar and elbow tie up, normally found at the start of a match to up your opponent. As J. T. Flash and Romeo lock horns, they're going to do a collar and elbow tie up. As they come in, i want you to notice a couple of things here. Number one, the hands are both, the actual left hand is placed right behind the neck, right by the trapezius muscle, pulling your opponent in. The other arm is right here in the elbow joint, as thought he could collapse his opponent if he wants and he could actually maneuver him in. Now, the second tip that we're going to demonstrate, is how to go behind waist lock. As Romeo applies it to J.T. Flash, he spins the opponent around. And here, a couple of tips are, he's got his hand positioned around the waist. That's in the center of the body here, which neutralizes a lot of his strength. He applies all of his weight and strength to the lower back, which pushes J.T. slightly forward. J.T., again his strength is cut down. His legs are a bit far apart here, so to allow him not to get his legs trapped. Now, the third one here is, as Romeo will put J.T. Flash in a full nelson here. Romeo lifts up the hands, he places it directly behind the head, right by the trapezius muscle. I'm going to turn these guys slightly, so you'll be able to see this. Notice how his hands are interlocked behind him. What he will do in this position with a full nelson is he will apply pressure forward while bringing his shoulders, bringing J.T.'s shoulders backwards. The shoulders will come back, the hands will come forward, it'll apply pressure. That's a full nelson. This is has been Sally Boy. Thank you for watching.


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