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Professional wrestling requires a great deal of stretching, as well as exercises for strengthening the neck, back and leg muscles. Learn how to prepare for wrestling with help from a professional wrestler in this free video on wrestling tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sally Boy. I am a professional wrestler from CoastalChampionshipWrestling.com. In this clip, we are going to give you 3 tips on wrestling. The first one is going to be actual stretching. What we are going to do is both guys are going to get down into a hurdler's stretch from here. Both are going to get down on the ground. One foot is going to be in front. Romeo is going to put this foot straight here, this leg will be bent back into a hurdler's stretch. And Matt will be doing the same. What this does is this is going to stretch the quadriceps right here. And on the other leg as he straightens this one out here, it's going to stretch out the hamstring. Now if he takes his toe and points it back towards himself, it will also stretch the calf muscle. And Matt is going to do the exact same thing. Now, both guys can also lay back if they want and that will help stretch out a little bit of the abs and also the hip flexor here. Now another wrestling tip as both guys make their way up to their feet. What we are going to do is conditioning. Okay, Matt here is going to demonstrate a squat. Now a lot of guys come in to the professional wrestling ring and think that they, you know I run a few miles a day and I have a whole bunch of conditioning. You are not in ring shape. Now to get in proper ring shape, one of the things that you can do is called the squat. Matt is going to show you how he is going to do the squat. He is going to go ahead and squat down. Now, if you notice, as Matt squats and comes back up and keeps doing them, he keeps his knees at 90 degrees here. And what this does, it not only warms up the whole leg, the hamstring and the quadriceps. But it helps power up his upper body. We do about, you start off with maybe 10 of these and eventually you can work your way up to either 500 or even a 1000. Thanks Matt for those squats. Now, the third tip is going to be strengthening. And now one of the big things in professional wrestling that we need to have strong and also flexible is the neck muscle. Romeo here is going to demonstrate a bridge. As he gets down on the floor he is going to lay flat on his back. And what he does is he's going to go into a bridge position. He is going to rest on his forehead and what this will do here, it's going to strengthen his neck muscles. Not only in the front but in the back. Also the bridge also works the lower back. In a professional wrestler your lower back and your neck take a lot of abuse. So the only way to actually get good is to do these bridges and to strengthen not only our back, your midsection but also your neck. The punishment it takes is amazing. And he does a textbook bridge. This has been Sally Boy; thank you for watching.


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