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Chinese cupping is a massage method that is used to detox the body and help it regain its flexibility and mobility. Find out how to use suction for a massage with help from a massage therapist in this free video on cupping massage techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy in Wilmington, North Carolina. And today we are going to talk about Chinese Cupping Massage. What you'll need for this are some glass cups, some oil, cotton balls soaked in alcohol, some stats and a candle. Chinese cupping is a method of detoxing the body and pulling stagnation out and helping the body to regain it's flexibility and mobility. So what I am doing here now is I am just putting a little bit, very light, light application of a light oil on her. You don't want any type of oil that is real flammable because with this particular type of cupping you do use a little bit of fire. So now there are cups out there that you can buy, they are plastic cups that are done with a suctioning and you, there's a little thing on the top and you kind of suction the air out and it does, it has the same effect. And those are good especially if you are doing places like around the neck and everything where you need little small cups. But for this particular type of cupping we are going to use the glass cups. And what you do is I have a cotton ball here that is soaked in alcohol. You want to use 70 percent, 90 percent makes too hot of a flame and 60 percent isn't quite hot enough. So it does make a difference what type of flame you use. I'm going to use the candle rather then trying to use the lighter because it's right here. So you have the fire and you have the cup, what you are doing is you are just making a little bit of heat in here. Make the heat and then see. Is that too hot Kelly or are you good. And then you can add several of these and as you see it's pulling up on the skin. If you are going to do a massage with it, then what you can do is you can take and you can move the cup around. And it pulls up and keeps the skin moving. Now if you leave the cup on, then she'll have a round circle on her back over time, like Gwyneth Paltrow when she went to the awards and had the big circle on her back. That was a cupping circle that she had. But this pulls and opens up the things. How does that feel Kelly? (it feels good). But you can see the suction is what gives the massage. So any area that's tight and congested this can be really helpful for. And often what you want to do is apply a couple of them, I would use several of these. I have different sizes for different areas and then we can apply a couple of them and let them sit there while we massage different areas of the back. Or where ever you want to work on, especially good for the glutes and the low back area and the shoulder area is especially helpful. And that's how you do a Chinese cupping massage.


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