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When giving a head massage, it's important to remember that personal preference for the amount of pressure used varies greatly from person to person. Learn about giving a good head massage with help from a massage therapist in this free video on head massage.

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Hi I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy in Wilmington, North Carolina and today we're going to talk about how to give a good head massage. What you need for this is a table, a chair and some space. The one thing about head massages you want to keep in mind, is the amount of pressure you use will vary depending upon the person that you're working on. Some people, when you get in there and work on them like this, they like a lot of pressure and want you to really get in there and rub on the scalp really hard and then some people, and you have to tell them to relax their head and just let you move it, because they'll try to help you and then that will make their neck stiff and that is what you don't want. So, when you are working on the head, adjust your pressure by asking your person how that pressure is. Was that pressure good, you like it hard like that or do you want it softer? Hard is good? So she likes a little bit harder pressure and so when you're working on the head, go with some circular motions and get in there and rub the scalp and I have her head in my hand on one side, so it's tilted a little bit because you want to be able to get the whole back of the head. You can also do this with somebody sitting at a chair. Just work their whole head over that way and just get in there and rub the scalp and do some little circles and then do the other side. Get in there and work it, and around the ear and back behind the ear feels really good and especially at the base of the neck. You want to get in there and rub that. Just let your head relax. There you go. Everybody always wants to help. So you just tell them let their head be heavy and you get in there and just work with your fingers in the low neck area and just rub that head and that's how you give a good head massage.


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