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In massage, there are several ways to do back massage, but they usually start with the individual laying face down. Learn about avoiding prominent bony points when giving a back massage with help from a massage therapist in this free video on back massage.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy in Wilmington, North Carolina and today we're going to talk about how to do a back massage. The things we need for this are a table, oil and some space. When it comes to back massage there are multiple ways of doing it and you can start with your partner face down and you don't even have to do anything yet, you know, with oil or any of that kind of stuff. You can just do some little pressure. I'm going right up the spine, along the edges of the spine. You never want to press right on the bone because that's not very comfortable and it will hurt, so don't do that and just going up the rectors. You can do a little stretching down through here. This always feels good and then when you are working on the back, just apply a little bit of oil. I use a fractionated coconut oil which is really light and not very greasy. You can use olive oil or vegetable oil out of your kitchen cabinet. It doesn't really matter. Whatever you can ingest, you can put on your skin. It will be safe. You want to try to avoid petroleum based products, though because you don't want to put gasoline or petroleum oil on your skin, that type of thing. So, you apply the oil in nice even long strokes. You want to go down the back. It feels really good to come up the sides and then around the shoulder blades where the scapula, and then over. You always want to watch out for bony prominences because that can be uncomfortable if you rub right on those and then again you can come through on the back. Do the side and then up through the shoulder and around the shoulder area and then across the back muscles. All of this feels good and is a really nice way to give a really nice back massage. And that's how you give a really nice back massage.


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