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In golf, a swing shouldn't include a lateral slide, but rather should involve a circle motion. Learn about starting a downswing with the feet and knees in golf with tips from a golf instructor in this free video on the downswing in golf.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott, and I'm Director of Instruction for Teacher of Champions Golf Schools here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today, we're going to talk about no slide on the downswing. Well, one of two things are happening there, and we don't want to slide on the downswing. Remember, the golf swing is a circle. It isn't a lateral sliding motion of the hips. Two things cause it, well more than one thing causes that but we're going to talk about that just a little bit. The first that we've got to keep out of there is that thought that all your friends has told you since the day you started playing golf is to keep your head down and your head still. The second that happens all we have moving is our lower body so we get in a situation where our head down and our head's still, we slide our hips on the backswing, our head stays still, as we start down we slide through the ball that way on the way through. Probably the worst motion you could have in a golf swing. So, first, we've got to get the head back over the right leg a little and allow our body to turn and our head to rotate. That starts us to have a circle. So, that's one of the biggest causes of having a slide. Second of all is where's our weight to start with? If we start with our weight a little bit on the left, our tendency is to lean left. The second we do that, we have to slide our upper body back and our hips forward in order to try to fix it on the downswing. Again, upper body over right leg, turn and return. The start of the downswing often is people will think it starts in the hips, and it does not, it starts in the feet and the knees, then the hips turn. So, what we want to have happen is we get to top of the back swing, we want our feet, we feel the weight in our feet, feel our knees start to turn, our hips start to turn, so that the hip stays inside the foot line. The hip doesn't slide out, big under slicing. We want to turn, start with the knees, the hips turn inside the foot. So, we strike at our feet and our hips are still under our body, not out beyond our body. Most of it's caused by head down or poor weight positioning and then quick action at the top causes our brain to try to catch up to the golf swing. So, when we go to the top if we start down with our arms real fast, I'm going to stick it right in the ground. So, my body pushes my hips and slides trying to get the club up to where the ball is. So, I've got to have upper body over the right side. I've got to have a quietness in the start of the downswing, so I can start at the bottom and work my way up my torso. This is Conan Elliott, and that's how to get rid of the slide on the downswing.


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