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In golf, driving the ball for great distance means moving the bigger muscles in a circle and creating the proper angle on the downswing. Find out how to drive a golf ball over 300 yards with tips from a golf instructor in this free video on hitting a driver in golf.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott, and I'm director of instruction for Teacher of Champions Golf Schools here in Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today, we are going to talk about how to hit 300 yards with a driver. Well, that's a dream for most players. That's a; I wish I could. You'll find that most tour players hit the ball around 285 to 300. Some of them hit it, some of your exceptional players will hit it over 300. But, your average golfer hits the ball about 200 yards. So, what we are really going to focus on is how to hit it further with a driver. What makes the ball go further? Well, two things has to happen. One, our big muscles have to get involved in creating a circle. If we can turn our muscles where we are turning our shoulders and our hips and our torso, starting down with the lower body, keeping our big muscles turning and our arms following. So, they are like whips, they are like ropes following the big muscle turn. That creates distance and energy, creates centrifugal force on the head of the golf club. Second is the angle that we keep our hands and our club on the downswing. So, as I go back to the top and I set my good right angle here between the shaft and my arm, I must keep or increase that angle as I am turning my hips through that golf ball. If I let my hands out I lose that energy. Just as if I was going to throw a ball and I let my wrist out before I let go I would have no energy. I have to save that angle. So, the two things that really causes you to hit the ball far, 300 yards if you are physically capable, would be the turning of your big muscles and the retaining of the angle on the downswing. So, I want to get to the top, find my angle, start at the bottom with my knees. Then my hips, then my shoulders, my arms are following, maintaining the angle. Drive those hips through the ball with the turn and that will create the maximum distance that I am capable of hitting it. This is Conan Elliott, and that's how to hit it 300 plus.


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