How to Harden Fingers to Play Guitar

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Hardening your fingers simply requires hours of playing the guitar, but eventually it will be less painful on your fingertips. Learn how to harden your fingers to play the guitar from an experienced guitarist in this free video on guitar playing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Stephen and what I'm going to show you in this segment basically, or discuss more, is how to harden your fingers in order to play the acoustic guitar, and pretty much you just need your instrument and your fingers. Now the acoustic guitar requires a lot more endurance than playing an electric guitar. I mean, obviously you need your fingers hardened to play either instrument, but with the acoustic guitar especially some people actually quit playing because they don't take the time out to form what they call callouses on the tip of the fingers you know where they get hard enough to be able to press metal down on wood and play a guitar. So, there is different techniques and ways to do this but really the best way to do it is to simply play. You know you hear about people talking about playing until my fingers bled and things like that that's not necessary which basically if you just practice and you do what you are taught hopefully you are taking some kind of lesson or receiving some kind of instruction but good ways to do it is simply practicing playing chords. You know practicing chord progressions. You know the more you play over time, simply pressing the metal down of the string onto the wood of the fretboard will harden your fingers and you'll get, you'll start noticing that the tips of your fingers actually will just, you'll have like a hard layer of skin on your fingertips. So, and the other way to do it by playing your instrument is practicing scales. So, like say, you want to play or there's different like techniques like four fingers, four frets things like that or simply playing scales or you know, you know just doing things like that where you can simply start developing callouses on your fingertips. And also just doing like single string exercises like you know, like doing hammer ons and pull offs and it will be difficult at first when you have a soft pad on your fingers but as they harden it will become much easier. So and it's simply just practice and doing it over and over again. It's kind of like building muscles, you know, we're not born with a huge physique, you have to work that out. It's the same thing with developing callouses on your fingertips. So again my name is Stephen and I just showed you how to build callouses on your fingers.


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