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Pregnancy massages have been known to help your circulatory system, but you should consult your doctor before beginning your massages. Discover the benefits of pregnancy massages from a licensed massage therapist in this free video on massages.

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My name is Melissa Brown. I'm a Massage Therapist and Educator. You can find me at Pregnancy massages have been known to help your circulatory system. A lot of doctors might say, "No pregnant, no massages before three months". For me, in my opinion, strictly in my opinion; I think we should start massages as soon as we know that we're pregnant or even before. What it does is it improves the circulatory system. What it does is it fills up your immune system. So, as soon as you find out you're, you're pregnant, this is a great time to start your massages. That's when I start it. It was wonderful. That's how I got in, I got into massages. There are some pressure points that you really don't want to be going into. The pressure points are right here at the V, the very corner of the V of the clavicle. You don't want to go in too deep in there, even though that's where you feel a lot of the tension. This is where you really don't want to go in. What it's telling the body is expulsion. So, you don't want to be sending out that message to the body. Also, I'm going to show you a point down on the leg where you should not be pressing too hard. About four fingers above the ankle, right at this point at the inside; you're going to find; it's going to dent in. If it stays, right; well, I'm not pregnant, so the dent isn't staying in. But if the dent stays in, that's a good indication of your pregnancy and you don't want to press too hard there either. Also, in the web of your hand; this is a great place for you to be very cautious in pressing. In addition to what I've said already, it's wonderful to get your feet massage; your ankles. Always have them at the same level of the heart so that all that fluid can go right back up to your heart.


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