How to Treat Cat Tapeworm

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Cat tapeworm is usually caused by fleas, so usually you have to treat the fleas to get rid of the tapeworm. Discover how to get rid of tapeworm in your cat with tips from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on cat health.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Dr. Bob Pane; a Veterinarian at Let's talk about how to treat cat tapeworms. Tapeworms are caused or usually carried by either mice or rodents or fleas, and in our practice, 99.9 percent of them is fleas. So, we have to treat the fleas; make sure the fleas aren't bringing the tapeworms for the cat. We give a product called Droncit; there's a thing also called Profender that we've used in the past that will kill tapeworms. But, you have to find out what type of tapeworm it is. Go to your veterinarian, get proper doses. We usually, in Miami, we usually treat it twice because we have such a flea problem. But you have to really work on the flea control as well 'cause they're the usually, the intermediate the host that carry the tapeworms to the pets and they get it by licking themselves. So bathing them; using Revolution; using Advantage; using something that will get rid of the fleas down them will really help. But we give a thing called Droncit or Profender either an injectable or oral form and we usually do it here within a, a month we do it again to make sure we get rid of it. But we try to get the environment as well as the, the animal itself treated. What I recommend with my clients to check them for worms; put a fickle sample; fresh fickle sample we'll check for giardia, trichomonas; we'll check for whip worms, coccidia, hookworms and rounds 'cause they can also be involve with the tapeworms. Not that they, they send as one, two or three pairs that's in the same animal. So, you need to go to your veterinarian to find out if it's truly tapeworms 'cause it could look like round worms. Round worms look like spaghetti; tape worms are little more like rice seeds and define and make sure that's what you actually saw in your cat.


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