How to Get Rid of Lice & Fleas on Cats

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Lice and fleas on cats can be treated usually by using the same products. Discover how to get rid of fleas and lice on your cat with help from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on cat health.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Dr. Bob Pane, a veterinarian at Let's talk about how to get rid of lice and fleas on cats. We are starting to see more lice in cats. I never used to see them years ago but now we're seeing it. Fortunately the things that kill lice are the same things that kill fleas so there are a lot of products that your veterinarian has that I recommend to use topically. Lice can again, they don't like people that much but they go from cat to cat. So we have to treat all the cats in your environment with the lice treatment. You also have to get the environment. Fleas are a little more tenacious to get rid of. They can lay eggs. They can last for months in your environment so you need to treat once a month with a topical ear mite, flea/lice treatment and some of them are Revolution, Advantage Multi, Frontline can help. These things will help. Sometimes we use other things to concurrently help. I'll tell people to wash the environment. Make sure that the dogs are treated. If you have dogs in the environment they can carry the fleas to the cats. If you have feral cats in the area you might want to be able to treat those if they are handleable, put them on medication once a month. Because a lot of times the cats in the environment will bring them to your back door step. Your dog will get them, and give them to your cats that live inside the house so sometimes you have to treat the rugs by using foggers and sprays. Your pest exterminator will probably help you with that. Your veterinarian has products for the environment, probably foggers but you have to treat the environment as well as the pets and the biggest mistake I see people not doing is making sure the cats outside don't carry them into the house. So you have I'd treat them.


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