Treatment for Nasal & Throat Congestion in Cats

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Treatment for nasal and throat congestion in cats should be defined by your veterinarian and then the proper treatment should be given after that. Have your cat's nasal and throat congestion treated with tips from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on cat health.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Dr. Bob Pane a veterinarian at Let's talk about nasal and throat congestion in cats and how to treat it. It's very hard to give anything intranasal to a kitty. I used to give Neo-Synephrine in a diluted form intranasally and they can't hardly stand it. So, I've found if I do have a nasal or throat congestion sometimes I will do what we call nebulization. We will put them in a small cage and throw small particles that they are itemized into small particles and we put saline. Sometimes we put like Mucomyst which is Acedosystine. Sometimes we will put antibiotics depending on what's casing the sinusitis or the nasal or the tracheal inflammation. If it's that bad I would recommend a blood count by your veterinarian and possible X-rays because it should be something that is occluding the passageway and looking like it's congestion. If it's a viral or bacterial infection you may need antibiotics or antivirals. So it needs to be defined by your veterinarian and the proper direction of treatment should be then given after that. But to treat it just as a treatment over-the-counter stuff I would be very hesitant to use that because you can't give anything intranasally. If you have a nebulizer and you want to use saline it may help. As far as viral infections unfortunately there is not many things that cure them. There's not many things we have that cure those and sometimes they become chronic intermittent problems. Sometimes you'll see them get better and stress will bring it out. So reduce the stress, nebulization and call your veterinarian and see if she or he can give you a better treatment direction and give you ideas on how to treat that. Sometimes blood work is necessary and obviously sometimes X-rays are necessary if it's a deep seeded problem like congestion of the lungs. We see sometimes cardiac problems that can cause fluid in the lungs and look like a tracheal or sinus problem and it's really a respiratory problem secondary to cardiac or even cancer.


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