Easy Stretches for Back & Leg Pain

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There are many easy stretches you can do to help get rid of lower back pain and leg pain. Learn to do these easy stretches for your back and legs from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on stretching.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts. I'm a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. I want to show you just a few stretches you can do for leg and back pain. The things you will need for this exercise are some space and a mat. So, I've got a great stretch. This kind of stretches both the legs and the back at the same time. So, take the leg in front of you, and the other one I'm going to take the sole of the foot right into that inner thigh, square my hips and my shoulders off straight to you, inhale and exhale. I'm going to fold over this long leg. So, actually, I'm getting an amazing hamstring stretch, but I'm also feeling a terrific low back stretch on the side where the knee is bent. Ah, it feels good. I'm going to actually increase this stretch. If you can't come too far down, it really doesn't matter, but a goal that you should do is try to take that hand to the outside of that foot, if you can reach it, and just add a gentle pull. That's really opening up the low back. I'm going to do the other side because it just feels too good. Get on the floor and do it with me because you're going to be glad you did. Hips, shoulders forward, folding down, reaching for the outside of the foot. If you're like, I can't reach the foot, go for the outside of the leg, whatever feels good to you. That's pretty good stuff. Alright, and also to really get the legs I'm going to take the soles of the feet together, inhale and exhale. I'm going to fold forward. That's really opening up the hips, that's an amazing inner thigh stretch. These are just some great stretches that really are going to help out any pain you have in the low back, as well as the legs. It feels good. Just kind of shake that out. So, those are just a few stretches you can do for leg and back pain.


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