Stretching Exercises for the Hip Joint

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Stretching the hip joint and increasing your flexibility will do amazing things for releasing your tension. Stretch your hip joint with tips from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on stretching.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. Here's a few stretches that you can do to really increase flexibility in the hip joint. The things you will need for this exercise are some space and a mat. So, I'm going to show you from the side, alright? So, I just want you to take one leg forward. All you want to do is to come forward and down. This hip flexor stretch right there. That's pretty intense. You want to have a tall chest here and I'm going to show you from the front too. So, if I've got this in front of me, I'm going to reach this arm with the knee on the floor up and over, increases that stretch, makes it so much nicer. Alright, I'm going to come on the floor because I love to stretch on the floor. You want to come all the way down, one vertebra at a time, feet flat on the mat. Take one leg, it doesn't matter which one, cross it over. Allow that knee to find the floor. I'm going to hold that knee with one hand, reach and look away with the other. That is unbelievable. You are stretching your spine. You are getting that hip to open up and it's really tight. You want to exhale and try to release as much tension as you can and allow that hip to open, unbelievable what that's going to do for your flexibility, feels amazing and you want it, time is key for these stretches. You want to hold these stretches as long as you can. So, that's a great way to really open up the hip joint, bring the knees into the chest. So, those are two, and if you really hold the stretches, or actually three, because I added on that little upper body deal and that really increased the stretch. Three stretches that are amazing, going to open up and get all the tension out of the hips because that's where we hold all our tension, but you're going to be feeling fantastic and flexible as ever.


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