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There are many different spray painting techniques, tips, styles and varieties on the market today. Use spray paint in a variety of ways with tips from a professional artist in this free video about spray paint techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Bruce Baker from Plaza Artist Materials. Today we're going to talk about spray paint, different techniques and different tips, things that are available on the market today. When working with spray paint the first thing you need to ask yourself is which kind of spray paint are you going to use, the traditional spray paint or more of an art spray paint that offers multiple tips. The first one I'm going to talk about is the traditional spray paint can. Just a typical nozzle that has one particular width. So it has limitations but it is readily available everywhere. That is a traditional spray paint nozzle. You work up close you get a very dense black, you know a certain thickness of a line but what can happen is you can get drips here. As you pull away the color gets grainier and less defined but it's not as strong so what you have is when you are close you get very dense color you can get drips like this. As you move away obviously you get a much better result. A lot of times people want to work on a project or spray something and spray horizontal. A spray can just is not designed to work as well that way. It is better to work vertical. This brand of spray paint is called Montana and this is a more artistic spray paint. It offers a range of over 100 colors and also five different nozzles or tips. The first thing you need to know about these spray paints is whenever you purchase one it will have the nozzle on top. The tip is removable and it has a black cap or washer underneath the nozzle which can be removed just by turning the can upside down. The reason the ring is there is to keep you from operating the spray can so it doesn't discharge accidentally. The nozzles go on, pop on real easy. It is not difficult at all. Just pop it on and like I said there is five tips to choose from. So I'm going to demonstrate the five different tips for you now. Alright this is the ultra fine tip, the thin. Notice the difference, more spray, slightly thicker line than this one here. The medium tip, again notice the difference. The fat tip. Now we're going to demonstrate the extra fat. Two things to note about this particular spray paint is the Montana brand has the five tips but it also operates at a much lower pressure than regular spray paint whereas in a regular spray paint if you paint up close it operates at a much higher pressure and you can get runs and drips very easy. You don't have the control that you do with the Montana type paint. The, also because it operates at a lower pressure you use the paint up not quite as fast and there is not the over spray that you would have with traditional cans of spray paint. Most of the people that buy this paint are very surprised with it. I have a lot of artists who do large murals, who do their under painting with this come in and do more detail but again it covers large surfaces very quickly. It has many many advantages, especially the tips and the low pressure really give it that edge. Basically that was just a short over view of the spray paints that are available and the techniques that are out there.


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