How to Prune a Blueberry Bush

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Pruning a blueberry bush regularly will encourage it to stay bushy, resulting in more fruit during growing season. Use sharp, clean pruning shears to trim back stray branches with help from a professional landscape designer in this free video on edible gardens.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, my name is James Sheridan and I run a landscaping company here on the Central Coast called Destination Gardens. Today we're at Windmill Farms and what I want to demonstrate for you folks today is how to trim our Blueberry. Alright, for this project, for trimming the Blueberry plant, you're basically going to need a nice clean and sharpen pair of pruners. I like this guys here, the Coronas. So for our purposes we just had this newly planted Blueberry. But in a couple of years this Blueberry, depending on the variety that you purchase, they can reach up to five to six feet. So you're going to want to control that plant a bit. What I like to do is make sure I have a nice bushy plant. Now a bushy plant means that you're going to have of course more apical tips the top of the, the branch. An apical tip is where your flower produces and a flower produces the fruit. So thus, more apical tips, a larger amount of fruits you're going to be harvesting in the future. So what I like to do again is to; let's, let's show you this. Once I trim this single branch here, like so. Now right here where I cut, in time it's going to come up to be two branches. It just happens that way. It's the way nature works. Now in the wild this would be eaten by herbivorous or other animals and that's how these things are shape in the wild. But we have to sometimes step in and, and do what would have been done in the wild; so we do have to trim and get that plant bushier. Also it's just to; you trim to what shape; to, to the way you want to see it. There's really no right or wrong answer here; but you do want to trim your plant because it just again, get you more fruit in the future.


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