How to Change Wound Dressings

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To change wound dressings, be sure to carefully remove the old dressing first without further injuring the patient. Safely change wound dressings with help from an emergency medical technician in this free video on emergency equipment.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nathan McConnell. I'm a paramedic and EMS instructor in Brunswick County, North Carolina and this is going to be how to change a wound dressing. Some of the things we're going to need are a fresh thing of gauze and a new bandage material. The first step in changing a wound dressing is to remove the old dressing off the patient's wound and we want to be careful when we're removing this wound dressing not to injure the patient any further. So, we'll unwrap all the way around and then we'll remove the gauze from around the area. Once we do this we want to make sure that the wound is still clean. If there's any signs of infection or anything like that we need to contact the hospital or transport this patient. From there we want to make sure the wound is clean just like we did before and go from there. We're going to put on a new dressing. We'll get the gauze bandage out and we'll cover the wound area and then we'll take a clean bandage material and we'll wrap the area good so that everything is secure. When we are wrapping this area we want to make sure and when we are changing the dressing we want to make sure that we're following the patient's doctor's instructions on how often to change these dressings. Some doctors like them changed daily. Others are less frequently than that. My name is Nathan McConnell and this has been how to change a wound dressing.


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