How to Use Safety Locks on a Backhoe

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Operating a backhoe can be dangerous, so find how to use bucket and boom locks to ensure safety for the backhoe operator, and those working around the backhoe.

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Video Transcript

Always remember when you start to get off your machine, or stop your machine to be parked for awhile, remember to put your parking brake on, which is right here. Pull up. That leaves your machine brake on, while you are off your machine or other places. Alright, here, here we have a, a boom lock, which locks the boom, controlled by a lever, inside the cab. As you're sitting in the operator's seat, you can control this lever; drops this latch down on the boom, so when you're working your front bucket and maneuvering, this boom is more stable and not dependent on the hydraulic solar to support it. And also, we have a pin lock here in transport. When you're transporting your machine or maneuvering, working the front bucket, you drop this pin down and it keeps the swing stable. And, on the front bucket, as you need to do maintenance or checks around the front area of the machine, sometimes it's needed to raise the boom. But, the safety factor is to pull this pin, take this pin out, and it drops down. Lower your lift down till it rests upon this, and then you're not dependent on the hydraulics to hold it. The, manual steel bracket will hold the boom up if the hydraulics fail. So, safety factor.


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