Jazz Dancing Moves for Beginners

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Beginner jazz dancing moves include the jazz square, also known as the box step, the kick-ball change and the step touch. Combine a few basic jazz moves to come up with a beginner's routine with helpful instruction from a choreographer and dancer in this free video on jazz moves.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ashley Sattler; co-director and choreographer at Technique Studio Of Dance in South Hadley, Massachusetts. I'm here to break down some basic jazz moves for beginners. I'm going to break down three different moves. Now the first dance step is called a jazz square. It's called a jazz square because you're making a square with your feet. We're going to start, our hands in our hips; feet are in first position parallel. You're going to start by crossing your right foot over your left. You cross, right over left; you're going to step back on your left foot, back on your left; take a step side on your right and then step from on your left. So as you can see, we just made a square. It's also known as a box step. So again, you cross over with the right; step back on the left; step side on the right and forward on the left. One more time starting from first position; we cross right; back left; side right; front left. You can also do this the other way as well where you cross left; side right; I'm sorry back right; side left; front right. Now you can also add styles add with this. This is where it gets exciting. So you can use your arms, swing them side. You can also do wrap, down, down, up or you can just leave them down; cross, back, side, front. So that is a jazz square. The next step I'm going to break down is called a kick ball change. It is; the step is exactly as it sounds. You're going to kick your leg and then you're going to ball change. A ball change is where you're changing your feet. You're changing the, what foot is going to be stepping down. So we're going to kick first our right leg and then ball change; left, right left; step cross. So we kick right and then you're going to bring your right leg back; step on it and cross. That's the ball change. Your changing what ball the foot is on the ground. So kick, ball change. Again kick, ball change. You can also, also do this to the left side as well. Kick your left leg and then step cross. So it's kick your left and then you're going to step left right; left right. So you can also do arm variations where when you kick your arms up and the ball change, they come down. And you can do two in a row as well. So you can kick, ball change, kick, ball change. The next step and the last step I'm going to break down really quickly is step touch; very very simple. You're just stepping side to side; step, touch; step, touch; step, touch; step, touch. You can make this exciting by using arms in your hips; step, touch; step, touch; step, touch; step, touch. And you can start on any side you want; right, left; whichever side you'd like. So let's do a recap really quick. The three different jazz steps that we broke down. The first is a box step or a jazz square. You start with crossing your right foot over your left; cross, step back on your left; step side on your right; front on your left; add your arms or you can just do anything you want. That's the jazz square. The next step kick ball change; kick, ball change, kick, ball change. Make it a little bit more advanced; kick and releve; ball change; kick, ball change. The last step, step touch; side, touch; side, touch and adding some arms in hips; step, touch; step, touch. Thank you for watching.


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