Flavonoid Cures for Ear Ringing

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Flavonoid cures for ear ringing have not been proven to work even though flavonoid does provide many health benefits. Find a cure for your ear ringing with advice from a practicing pediatrician in this free video on ear care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. David Hill and today we're going to be talking about Flavonoid cures for ear ringing. Now unfortunately, if you look in the good medical literature consisting of Randomized controlled trials with double blinded technique, it's really hard to find that Flavonoids make any difference in ear ringing. Flavonoids are by the way, a class of vitamins, they're found in foods and they have quite a few health benefits. But nobody has ascertained that they really stop ear ringing. So the bigger question here is why are you or somebody you know, experiencing ringing in the ears? Now ringing in the ears is a condition we call Tinnitus, T, I, N, N, I, T, U, S, if you want to look it up. And Tinnitus is the brain's response to not receiving enough sound signal from the ears. So usually, when Tinnitus occurs, it's an indication that for some reason the ears aren't working very well at transmitting sound. Now the reason maybe temporary, it might result for example, from being around a very loud noise and having temporary injury to the ear hearing mechanism. So if you've been to a shooting range or a concert, you're probably not surprised to have some Tinnitus, even i a very loud screaming crowd in a football game. However, if you don't understand why the Tinnitus is present or it doesn't go away within a day or so, you may have some process interfering with hearing. Even something that could be taking your hearing away. It's very important in that case to seek the care of a trained hearing professional, like an audiologist or a ear, nose and throat specialist. Those people can evaluate whether your hearing loss is coming from nerve problems or problems in the bones of the ear or the Tympanic Membrane itself or just a simple ear infection. And depending on what the problem is, there are various different treatments. So if you have serious ringing in your ears, that's persistent and not going away. Rather than going to Flavonoids, I would really seek medical care from somebody who can evaluate the problem and help you find the right solution. Talking about Flavonoid and ear ringing, I'm Dr. David Hill.


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