How to Get an Anthurium to Bloom

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In order to get anthuriums to bloom indoors, you'll probably need to add artificial light. Get your anthuriums to bloom with help from a third-generation flower grower in this free video on flower care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to get anthuriums to bloom. Well, if you have an indoor garden, you'll notice, a lot of plants; it's hard to get them to bloom. Well, the reason is that they don't get enough full, full light. They need a lot of light. So, you have to add artificial light, or give them enough heat. So, the materials that you will need are an anthurium plant, and either growing right into volcanic rock, or you can put it right into soil itself. And, for this instance, I need a container with some rocks and water, and a full, sunny window. First step, always make sure that your anthurium gets enough water, because if they dry out, a lot of times they'll die back. But, they've got to keep pretty moist all the time. And so, that's the key to getting good blooms is make sure they're moist, and they don't dry out. Next step; place your anthurium in a full sunny window. You want to be careful that it's not late afternoon sun, where it might be too hot and fry it, but midday is also good. Artificial light is also very, very good because it will give it enough light. So, there's really nothing you can do to make your anthurium bloom. It really needs enough light, and a good root bound; it has to be a good set of roots. It has to be established plant before it gives you any blooms. You can add some blooming fertilizer high in phosphates, not in nitrogen, because that's the greenery. Sometimes that helps too, but in the end, it comes down to enough hours of light and enough intense light for it to bloom. And then, that way, you can enjoy your little boy flowers.


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