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Clown makeup can be applied to the face in a variety of ways, whether the desired look is a sad clown, a happy clown or a scary clown. Outline basic shapes on the face before filling them in using clown colors with a demonstration by a certified stage makeup artist in this free video on Halloween makeup.

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Hi, my name is Mattie Sproul. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist and I'm also Certified in Theatrical and Halloween Makeup, and today we're going to be doing clown face makeup ideas. You will need a palette, face paint, makeup sponges and lipstick. What you need to do first is get your extra hair out of the way with a hair tie. With clown makeup there's a lot of variations. Typically the face is white and it's very colorful. You can use different shapes; you can make a happy clown; you can make a sad clown. It's really at your discretion; it's about being creative. So what we're going to do to start off with is making shapes on the face. That's the easiest way to get going and then you can fill in the blanks from there. So what I like to do is take a black eyeliner or any color eyeliner and we'll start with the lips. I want to make a sad clown face today; so we'll do that. Now in making a sad face, this might help if you actually follow the chin line and then go downward and then come back up 'cause that will give you a natural flow, flowing line. Also, I want to give him rosy cheeks. And let's do diamond eyes but let's make them long diamond eye and an easy way to do this is making dots. So we'll start this up little high and then down little low; really close and then just connect the dots. And you know what else are we going to do, we're going to give him a round nose. So now that we've put the, the shapes on his face and we know kind of, drawn out where we're going to go; take your palette, it can be a clean palette and take white face paint and you can get this at any costume store. Just put it on the plate and then you want to grab a makeup sponge. What you're going to do is you're going to take just a little bit of paint on the edge. I like to use the thicker side of the edge and you're just going to put it on the face. You can get up into the ears. Now right in between these area, it can get or in the areas that are particularly close together it might be hard to get the fatter side of the sponge in there; so you can get the thinner side of your sponge and actually that's like the perfect size in between and you can just gently, you know, put your paint where you need to put it. But that might be a nice little easy tip for you to do, you know, instead of messing up your paint. So now what we're going to do is we're going to make his lips brown. You know, use one of these if you've never used one. It's easy if you get around the line with just the corner; so just use the corner with color and then you can just go around the line very smoothly and it's, it will be really effective. Now we're going to do the same thing with our color. We're going to use red for the cheeks and the nose. The eyes are actually smaller; so we're going to use the thinner side of the sponge. The eyebrow over here could be green and then it could swish over until they're white; so just be very gentle with the eyebrows. Here's just a clown face for you to do on Halloween. It's not too hard and just remember, the simple shapes; different size shapes, location of the shapes, different colors; all that to bring into your own creative outlook on clowns.


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