How to Apply Red Devil Makeup

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Red devil makeup begins with a solid red foundation before black is added to the eyes and hollows of the cheeks. Apply makeup to look like a devil with a demonstration by a certified stage makeup artist in this free video on Halloween makeup.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mattie Sproul. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist and I'm also a Certified in Theatrical and Halloween Makeup and today we're going to be giving you clues on how to do a red devil face for Halloween. You will need a palette, eyeliner, face paint, makeup sponges, compact or eyeshadow, brushes and lipstick. What you need to do first is get your extra hair out of the way with a hair tie. Get your palette with the red paint and your paint brush and I like to use the thicker side of the paint brush, unless I'm going to do detailed then I'll use the thinner side and just mix up your paint. And then just start going to town, you're going to cover the whole face red. Alright, so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take some black compact and I'm just going to shade in the bottoms of his eyes and the top. And the top just leave; it's just pretty a line just to define the eye. And as you're going you can use your finger to push the colors around. You don't want to use the brush. And then what I'm going to do now is I'm going to give him some define cheekbones and I like to start where the hairline is. You don't need a lot 'cause we're actually just going to blend it. So take a little bit of powder on your brush; not a lot, just a little few dabs and then just go top, top, top; kind of in a circular motion, like a half C and then take your finger and just going blend it in. A little more black and where the nose is, just do a curve from the nose to the lip; just a little. Okay, why don't we give him a nice little beard or a nice little, little goatee look. So I'm taking a little bit of black lipstick, just ever so lightly. So for this devil makeup, we just did the basics. If you wanted to get really playful and creative, you could take devil horns with prosthetics and spirit gum and stick it to there and then just blend in the paint around it or anything like that. So, this is our Halloween devil's makeup.


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