Cleopatra Halloween Makeup

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Cleopatra Halloween makeup can be applied using regular cosmetics, such as eyeliner, brow pencils, lipstick and mascara. Create a classic Cleopatra look with a demonstration by a certified stage makeup artist in this free video on Halloween makeup.

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Video Transcript

HI, my name is Mattie Sproul and I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist and I'm also a Certified in Halloween and Theatrical Makeup and today we're going to be doing some Cleopatra makeup for you for Halloween. You will need a palette, eyeliner, face paint, makeup sponges, compact or eyeshadow, brushes, bronzer, foundation and lipstick. What I'd like to do first is make sure the hair is out of the way, which it is and then what I like to do is we're going to take her face and we're going to put some foundation on it. And take the thicker end of your sponge; not the thin part; the thicker and just dab it right into the foundation. You will just get a nice little coat on the end of it. Put it in the hand that you work with and start at the cheekbones. We're going to take some bronzer and we're going to put bronze on her face as well just to make it look like she's golden. What I'm going to do right now is, eyebrow her eyebrows in or penciling her eyebrows. I'm going to make them thick. And then she has a pretty good arch going right now; I'm just going to follow it. So now I'm going to take my black eyeliner and I'm going to give her a very classic Persian eye and this can be kind of tricky. Take your thumb and put it on the corner of the eye making it tight and you want to start from the inner eye and work your way out. And so we're just going to take it and make a line going to about right hopefully where her eyebrow ends. And then I'm going to go back down to the end of her eyebrow or to her eyelash. That will give you kind of a, a triangle shape. Fill it in. I'm going to go to the middle of her eye and I'm going to make a half, like a half moon. Then I'm going to connect it where her, the corner of her eye is. Alright, so now I'm taking some eyeshadow and it's not a black; it's a taupe and this I'm actually going to just put right from the corner. I wanted to make this black already because it's going to make her eye a little more Egyptian and then I want to take the taupe and I want to actually just bring it up towards her eyebrow arch right here and then bring it down. And you can use any color you want. You can get funky with it and you can go blue or gold or brown; it's really whatever your fit is going to look like. You can finish off her eye with some mascara and if you put a few coats of this on, the eyelashes are going to be super long. Now to define her cheekbones I'm actually going to use lip gloss which sounds kind of funny. But you can use lip gloss or you can use blush; it's really whichever way you want to go. I'm going to take the taupe again and I'm actually just going to put it right here on her cheekbone. And just for giggles, I want to give her red lips because it's the classic Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra look. So just take a little bit of your red makeup paint or you can use lipstick. So this is just a really quick easy way to do Cleopatra makeup and right in here where her eyebrow is, you can put gold or white; whatever you'd like in between this little crevice here where the two eyeliners are or you can put color in between there and you can also do her face like I said earlier, a golden color if you prefer. Also, she probably be having a black wig on with some gold jewelry on it and that will really spruce up the very end product. And that's Cleopatra makeup.


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