How to Wrap Up Homemade Food Gifts

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Homemade food gifts can be wrapped easily and inexpensively as long as you are creative. Discover some great ways to wrap your homemade food gifts with tips from a professional organizer in this free video on gift wrapping ideas.

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Hi! I'm Krista Colvin, a professional organizer and creator of Organize the Whole SheBang-The Smart Woman's Guide to Doing It All. I'm going to show you how to create some cute and inexpensive gift wrapping for your homemade food items. The items you need for this project are a decorative container (it could be a glass jar or a take out container), tissue, ribbon, gift tags, and a pair of scissors. First, pick the container that works best for you. If it's the holiday season and you're giving every neighbor one, think a little bit less expensive. Take out containers are perfect. If you're just doing it for a nice gift for someone then you can go a little more expensive and use a little glass candy dish. First I'm going to show you how to do the take out containers. This is just a plain one with no handles. So what I would do here is line the container with tissue. You can use parchment paper or you could use foil, you could wax paper. What I'm going to do here is just fold the tissue to where it fits in here, and this would be perfect for fudge or cookies, brownies. Put your brownies in and then just gently fold over. If you'd want you could use a cute, little sticker right there, make it a little fancier. And then on this container, be careful when you do this part because this is not the thicker, expensive kind of containers that you find in the gift wrap section. These are actually from a wholesale food store who have take out containers. So very plain and simple but you can spunk it up. You can add a cute, little label to the front. This is a book plate and you could print on there. You probably run this through your printer and put it on there, and then seal the box with it. I think that'll be really cute. And pick wide ribbon and in this case I'm not going to go around all four sides. Just going to do big knot in this one. When I do the knot, see how you can puff it up there a little bit. On a wide ribbon, you can bend the edges and just make it kind of cute and decorative. You have your little card on there and you just leave that on someone's front stop. I think that's really cute. Another idea is to use a regular take out container and do the same idea with the tissue paper inside to the inside of the packages just as cute as the outside of the package. In this one, I've just wrapped it around, tied the knot, and added a cute, little inexpensive price tag that I've punched with a decorative punch. And you could really change this up and do anything you want with it. You can change the whole look by using a different ribbon. You can see this one here. I like using the wide ribbon, it's easy to move around. And you can also really change up the look depending on the tag you use with the package. So think of the container as a blank canvass, add your color, add your texture with the tag. And not only will leave you excited to have the cookies that are inside but you'll think they're really darn cute.


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