Tying a Short Karate Belt

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Tying a karate belt properly is an important aspect of this form of martial arts and should always be done properly. Learn to keep the length between the knees and waist with advice from two Tae Kwon Do instructors in this free video about tying a short karate belt.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Doug Edwards and I'm from ETO Martial Arts and Fitness in Kennesaw, Georgia. We teach a blended style but our base is Tae Kwon Do. Today I'm going to talk to you about tying the belt properly. Now I'm going to go ahead and remove it so I can actually show you as we go through the process of what you're suppose to do. Typically with a black belt it's not correct to untie a belt and then face the person and then tie the belt together. You want to turn away as you do it. But I'm going to face you. You notice the belt is folded in half, I take and put that on the belly button or below depending on your preference, and wrap it around and make sure that it's straight on top of each other in the back as I feed it around and at this point the right hand will actually go over the top of both, all the belts together. You will tuck it under, bring it up to the top like you're going to try and hit yourself in the chin with it if you..so it's on top. Now it will wrap over the lower part of the belt and through. And when you pull it through, black belts with name should be on the right side with the stripes and the schools on the left side. And you look at the belt, it makes an arrow pointing to that side as well. And it's nice and smooth as you do this. Okay, and if you have the length of the belt, you don't want it to go to the knees. You want it to be somewhere between the pocket of your pants and the knee so that way it doesn't pop around and hit you too much. And that's it. That's tying of the belt.


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