How to Remove a Front Motorcycle Tire

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To remove the front motorcycle tire you'll need a jack to lift the front tire up and to make sure the back of the bike is strapped down. Safely remove a front motorcycle tire with the guidance of a certified motorcycle technician in this free video on motorcycle maintenance.

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Video Transcript

I'm Brian Bussemey, with Cowboy Harley Davidson of Austin, and we're going to be changing a front tire. Putting a jack under the front of the frame to lift the front wheel up. I've already got the back of the bike strapped down. Loosen the front clamp. Move the wheel around. I'm going to jack up the front of the motorcycle a little bit. I'm going to be removing the front axle and the brake caliper. Loosening the axle nut right now, the axle nut. We're going to be removing the motorcycle caliper. We need to break both of our mount bolts loose. Remove the lower one first and the upper one. Hold onto our caliper so it doesn't fall off. Pull the upper bolt. The caliper slides right off the brake disc. Place the caliper in a bag to protect the painted and chrome finishes. Hang it over the engine guard and rest it on the bike. Removing the axle pinch bolts. This cap is loose. We want to jack the bike up so that the wheel is just off the lift and we slide out the axle; catching the wheel spacers when they come out. Left and right wheel spacers, two different sizes. Keep them in the right spot. Then, we lift out the wheel. I am Brian Bussemey, from Cowboy Harley Davidson of Austin. That was removing the front wheel.


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