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When using a Dremel tool, be sure to move in an opposite direction to the rotation to have better control over the device. Understand the operation of a Dremel tool with help from a custom furniture maker in this free video on woodworking tools.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Trull with The Trull Gallery, A Custom Furniture Shop in St. Petersburg, Florida and today I'm going to talk to you about some Dremel tool instructions. Dremel tools are really simple to operate and you can do all kinds of things; they've all kinds of attachments. I'm going to show you a couple today. I've got a drum sander on; we'll use one of the cut off wheels and really the biggest thing to keep in mind with the Dremel tool is the direction that it's spinning and that'll just give you more control. You want to go against the cut, against the rotation which allow you more control and I've just got some scrap wood here and I'll just you know, we'll kind of just sand off an edge of this just to show you how easy it is to operate. Just a matter of go ahead and turning it on and in this case you want to go against the rotation. If you go with the rotation, it want to pull away from you and if you're doing something really delicate, it's really hard to control it going with the rotation. So by going against the rotation, you have a lot more control. So they're great for sanding; they're really easy to change bits. In this case, here we have a shaft lock and a wrench and we just loosen that up; out comes one; in goes our cutter; snug it up and we're ready to go. Now we've got a cut off wheel on there. You can see we've got a couple of nails in our board and you'll see this one, there are commercials all the time; you know, thousand and one things a Dremel tool can do; really easy to cut through in nail. And again you just want to cut; make sure you're working with the rotation. So I come in from the right; I'm sorry, I come in from the left to the right or maybe cut that nail right off. So that's pretty much how to operate a Dremel too. I'm Dave Trull from The Trull Gallery, The Fine Art Of Furniture Making.


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