Planting Asparagus

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After planting asparagus, it can take up to three or four years to produce asparagus spears large enough to eat. Find out how to care for an asparagus plant with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing vegetables.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant Asparagus or Asparagus roots. Now Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables; it is so yummy steamed or cooked with some butter and curry. Oh, it's just so wonderful. So it's really nice and easy to grow in your vegetable garden as well or your flower garden, wherever you want to plant it, as long as you want to do the time. You start with the roots but it takes up to three to four years before you actually get the Asparagus spears that are big enough to eat. So you got to do your time and be patient with the plant but it's worth it because once they get growing, you'll have them for the next ten to fifteen years producing Asparagus. They're wonderful. So when you're planting the roots you want to have good, fleshy, healthy roots and you want to plant them pretty much anytime of the year; in the fall is always good too when you divide them back out or start them in the spring. But you want to plant them about them about three inches deep so that the whole plant is about three inches below the ground. So it's good and covered and stays moist enough. But basically you can dig in there and just use your fingers and you just; I like to do at least two or three roots near each other 'cause again, they like to be really crowded. The roots have to be a mass of roots before they give you good Asparagus. So put one by itself, it'll take longer than putting three close together 'cause then they'll mount together and you'll have more in the end. So you'll just cover them up, make sure they're really good and covered. You want to water them well but make sure they have good drainage too because if they stay too moist they're going to rot out and they stay, stay too dry they're going to dry out. But Asparagus are a lot like other flowers or plants. They're really easy to grow. You just plant the roots and let them do their time. They got to have a mass of roots before they produce wonderful Asparagus for your dinner and once you get them going you'll enjoy them and it's worth the effort just like anything else in life.


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