How to Properly Use Tomato Cages

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When using a tomato cage, it is best to use nylon, rubber bands or dental floss to tie the branches up the cage as they grow taller. Help support tomato plants as they grow with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing vegetables.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to properly use tomato cages. Now tomato cages come in many shapes and sizes and pretty much anything that makes a trellis or tripod you can use as a tomato cage. You can even bundle and make your own tepee with a few sticks or you can use pretty much anything that you want to use, some wire, but when you are using a tomato cage there is a few rules you should follow. First off you should make sure your tomatoes have enough sun. They need a lot of light and enough water. These have not had enough water that's for sure and then when you are using a tomato cage too I have fund that it's best to tie the tomato to the cage using some nylon or rubber bands or dental floss or anything that you can use that is recyclable and so you just kind of tie the little branches up to the tomato cage and then, or even vine them you don't have to tie them at this point. If they're really hanging down then turn around and tie them up but at this point you can just have them wrap around the tomato cage. So the trick is not to make it too tight. You don't want to damage and they are going to grow some more and another rule of thumb too is just trim off a few of the leave that don't look good because there is a rule of thumb too if you trim out about one third of the leaves then the energy is going to go to the tomatoes and you'll get more tomatoes in the end. So let your tomatoes grow and get bigger and bigger and then as they die off in the Fall as the sun goes down, and as it gets colder at night then you are not going to get the production. They are going to start dying back. So I always wait until they have turned really brown, almost yellow because a lot of times they'll still produce fruit through the Fall and then just cut your tomatoes down to the ground and you can always save your tomato cages by keeping them in a shed or the garage so they don't get so rusty over the Winter too so that's a good trick to save your tomato cages. Even rubbing them down with oil a lot of times too if there is lots of rust on them, that will protect them a little more but it's really easy to use a tomato cage and you really can't go wrong with it and there's just simple rules that you can follow.


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