How to Care for a Clivia Plant

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Clivia plants, native to South Africa, grow naturally underneath the warm shade of other trees, and they can continue producing blooms throughout the fall. Keep a clivia plant thriving in the ground with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from, and in this segment we are going to talk about how to care for a clivia or clivia plant. And they are hands down one of my favorite South African plants. So clivia or clivia is name after Sir Clive, and he was from England. So it was found down in South Africa along the western cape. They grow naturally under other trees, and they are just a really pretty, pretty plant. Now my clivia I call it clivia, because when I was in South Africa everyone calls it a clivia. But a lot of my friends here in the northwest call it clivia so either way no one is wrong. But this particular plant I bought in bloom at the San Francisco garden show last spring, and it was beautiful. The blooms died, and low and behold it is now September, and they are blooming again. I am so excited. It is like one of my favorite plants. Anyway, it is so pretty I love my clivia. And so I had it in too much sun, and it got sunburned. It does not like full sun. They love this spot underneath my maple trees so you want to give it warm shade. Never put it in hot, hot sun it will fry, and if it does fry just cut the leaves out that have burned. So I am just going to cutting them out, kind of cheating so no one can that tell it actually had an end that was cut off. So there is nothing wrong with trimming your plants here and there, because that way they look really good. Clivias like lots of moisture, lots of good organic composted, under trees, leaf kind of mulch kind of conditions to grow well. And they want to be moist, but they don't want to sit in water. They will rot right out. And they don't want to be too dry either, because then they will dry, because they are dry. So just like any other plant the trick is to water it well, but really let it dry out in between watering. And then that way it will come back for years and years. Now in the northwest if I left this outside it would probably freeze out so I am going to leave it in the pot, and put it in the greenhouse, and I am just going to let it die back, and put plastic over it. I have found the trick with clivias is to make sure that they are on the dry side in the winter. So you can even throw it in the garage, but if you live in a warmer climate just leave it outside. But hands down they are one of my favorite plants from South Africa.


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