How to Plant Staghorn Ferns

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Staghorn ferns grow best in warm, humid shade at the V-intersection of two tree stumps or branches. Recreate a staghorn fern's native environment with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to learn all about how to plant a Staghorn Fern. Now in order to know how to plant it you have got to figure out what it is naturally, what the environment is like, where it's grown. So now you have got to remember they grow in tropical areas, right from where two trees meet right at the V, they'll just start growing naturally in that area so you have got to try to recreate that same kind of environment. So you need lots of moisture. They don't want direct sun. They're in the canopy. They want really really warm shade, that's really really humid. So you have got to recreate it. So basically what you need is some moss, a fern and some bark and so basically you can wire it in or find two pieces of wood that meet in a V and basically you just set the moss, keep it really moist, get your ball or your start, the root from the Staghorn and you just cover it with moss and then you just wire it or glue it right on to some bark so you can use any kind of bark. Usually don't go with any kind of a pine, it's better to go with an oak or a birch or some other kind of tree because sometimes especially a cedar can actually kill the Staghorn Fern. So you want to keep it misted really well and you might want to get a bigger piece of bark as the Staghorn gets bigger but you need to wire it and you can either hang it from a tree or hang it from your patio or keep it up in the air and then it will grow and do really well. Make sure and keep it really moist though because it is from a tropical forest and never let it go below about 50 to 60 degrees or you are going to lose it but Staghorn Ferns are really a pretty addition to your exotic garden.


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