How to Plant Freesias

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Freesia plants stem from bulbs, so they should be planted in at least groups of three in high-quality composted soil. Grow freesias directly in the ground or in containers with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant freesias. They're a beautiful flower from South Africa that has an intoxicating fragrance that you'll never forget. So freesias like humidity and they want a really warm climate and they don't want to freeze at all because you'll lose them so you can dig them up and bring them out, inside over the Winter and start them every year but they're really easy to plant. So you can buy them by bulb or by seed and it's really easy to plant them and you'll find that they multiply real quickly. They're not a big bulb and they make babies and sometimes it takes them a couple years to really bloom well if you live in a warmer climate and you have to bring them inside even if you live in the Northwest or a colder climate because they really don't want to freeze at all but my rule of thumb when you plant any flower bulbs is plant at least three together or more. They like to be in groups. You don't invite your friends over and put them in time out, one in a corner, you always want to plant at least three or more bulbs and so when you are planting them you can start them from bulb, these have already started, but you want to make sure that they are about three inches deep, from the bulb to the top because you don't want to have them fall over either and I like to crowd them and to have my base as a triangle and kind of spread them out a little bit because they will multiply too and here in the Northwest I just let them bloom in the Summer then turn around and put them in a greenhouse for the Winter and they just come back every year real well and multiply but these are small bulbs so it is probably going to take a couple years to really get blooming and the thing about bulbs too is even if you transplant them when they are starting to grow it is breaking the rules but we're in the wild West and I love breaking the rules and I think you can plant plants any time you get a chance because they will bloom where they are planted. So once you plant them make sure they get lots of heat and lots of sun but yet if it's 107 degrees out they might sun burn so you have got to keep them really wet but you want them to have good drainage so a lot of times just by putting some gravel on the bottom with a container and putting them on top of gravel and having it wet down there, they're not sitting in the water, they're still getting moisture because what I have learned is freesia need a lot of humidity and sometimes if you live in a warmer climate where there is little humidity they won't do that well, they just kind of turn brown so they need a lot of water when they are growing and they want to be completely dry when they're not growing. So as long as you can recreate South Africa for them they will do wonderful in your yard.


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